Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Warranty is a Scam", "Avoid purchasing … David Weekley Grenada Lot 15 Block W ... Grenada by David Weekley Homes 4575 Tour Trace. 18) We still don’t have a listing of all the numbers to call for repairs, or a listing of our colors. To add insult to injury, we have had items stolen from our house by your employees. [protected] phone Subcontractors suck, they don't even speak english. I wish somebody had warned me. Our problems are not minor. Throughout that period we kept visiting your model home and your Sales Consultant continued to welcome us. I think the David Weekly concept is a good one. Shea Homes Overview. New construction homes in the area are from reputable builders including Darling Homes, David Weekley Homes, Highland Homes, Taylor Morrison, Trendmaker Homes… Why didn't the inspectors catch these issues when the homes were being built? We will go to the waterpark. The Danita by David Weekley Homes is a fabulous 1-story floor plan with 2,575 square feet. We were repeatedly told everything would be addressed, but in many cases, things were never addressed [protected] fax Should we decide to move in the future, we would definitely consider another David Weekley home. I have and will continue to recommend David Weekley Homes to my friends, family and random passers-by. Their finish-out is cheap garbage, even when the house itself is half a million dollars plus, and in a lakeside setting! It comes down to this: David Weekley Homes knew they had a serious problem with aluminum framed windows and continued to install them when the remedy was easily available. Which makes my experience all the more frustrating. Our sales consultant, Leigh Nevers, was extremely friendly, honest, and very trustworthy. 4505 Woodland Corporate Blvd. Here’s a little story for anyone considering building a home in Tampa Bay with David Weekley Homes. I would never recommend a Weekly home. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: … 12) We have a severe erosion problem in the back yard. We lost square footage and were told it was a necessary compromise. We hired a professional inspector before we closed and had a reasonable number of corrections made. Shea Homes was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on May 29, 2012 and since then this brand received 61 reviews.. Shea Homes ranks 300 of 1886 in Construction and Repair category. He would ignore our first, second and third attempts to get things fixed. So tell me please, should we buy an older home? We didn’t receive our homeowner portfolio until the day of closing. We also purchased a "build on your own lot" home from Davis Weekley...worst mistake ever!!! However, I soon realized that my fears were unfounded. 9) We were told that we had a 3 car garage, yet the third space is taken up by air conditioner units. I love my home and David Weekley! From the time we met our Sales Consultant and started building our home to the time we finally closed and moved in, all of the people who we worked with were kind, professional and very easy to work with. Top 19 Perry Homes Reviews We have been in our new home in Harvest in Argyle TX for 4 months now, with outstanding service for the minor issues that have arisen. Many of my neighbors have had the same amount of issues that you have listed. I would recommend this company to anyone considering the purchase of a high quality home. We were told by our very competent plumber that every house will need to be done at some point. It's all smoke and mirrors as far as we can see! Even the better designs can be ruined by unskilled labor not closely monitored. @ CoyoteSimmons: What I neglected to mention in my statement above was that DWH had come highly recommended from my brother & his wife who, at the time, lived in a Weekley home. Some issues are six months old, yet he continues to put me off for another 30-60 days. I am a very happy Homeowner and continue to enjoy my new home with peace of mind. Our Builder was still on property checking the spec homes and stopped by to show me how to turn off the outside hose bibs, open the faucets and put the foam covers back on. David Weekley Homes showed us, especially me, that home building does not have to be a nerve-wracking process. 153 reviews from David Weekley Homes employees about David Weekley Homes culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Needless to say, I’m very pleased with David Weekley Homes because of Janelle. Life is awesome. Weekley is a volume builder. David Weekly came to my house and instead of fixing it properly, they knocked a hole in the wall, and then bypassed the the line by cutting a hole in the brick on the OUTSIDE of my house and bypassing the electric line about 6 to 8 feet. We are from Asia and we will be relocating to Dallas Texas due to our jobs. - During construction, they changed our floorplan on us resulting in a big bump out in our master bedroom and one of our guest bedrooms. Everyone has been just terrific. - Many, many walls and doors are not square or plumb. … That was some years ago. Great project management skills displayed by Jim. Thanks for making my dreams become reality. The hardware in the master tub was stripped and had to be completely replaced. But the greatest thing of all was the home was finished on time. From start to finish, construction was handled in the utmost professional manner by good people who deserve congratulations. I would like to commend the Warranty Manager for her outstanding attitude, professionalism and Customer Service during my warranty service experience. 7) There are several large (1/4”-3/8”) cracks in the foundation Sadly, this is true of many builders. His emails are snotty, his tone rude and today he was so mean to me my husband had to tell him never to contact me again, but deal only with him. See BBB rating, reviews ... We thought we had found our dream home and lot with David Weekley Homes at Bexley in ... For Consumers. We have spent many weekends driving through other similarly priced housing areas, including visiting their model homes and we have absolutely no regrets. Could not believe it, to good to be true and I was right. The list goes on and on. It's clear that all they care about is profit. To conclude, we are very happy in our David Weekley home and, thanks to the people we worked with, we would recommend your company to anyone interested in a new home. Cars are actually stopping and people point as they walk by. We are already in the process of deciding upon our next David Weekley home. We had to have them rip it all out and replace with the tile we selected. Now they a are just another Lennar, Centex, etc. It is our second home purchase and we are delighted with the quality of this home. BBB accredited since 3/9/2011. Lally was assistant secretary of communications and legislation at the California Technology Agency from 2011 to 2013. A little odd, considering we have been considerate and careful home owners, keeping our AC units at 75 when home and 78 when out. I WILL ONLY BUY FROM DAVID WEEKLEY HOMES IN THE FUTURE! I moved into my home at the end of January and have had the most wonderful experience with the whole process. - Our master bathroom bathtub was not installed/planned properly and it took 6 MONTHS after closing until they finally fixed this and we took our first bath. Weekley homes are 100% garbage. The drainage system also is inproperly done. Ask the neighbors what their experience was like, that'll be your best reference. I have been very impressed with your company. The longer we lived in the house, the more we discovered was wrong with it. The kitchen sink basket breaks after using for about a week...many replacements. A couple of weeks ago I closed on my new home. I do not own a David Weekley home, but at one point his was the only home I would even consider building...not anymore. Arcadia will build 81 single-family homes. Here we go again! "Our purpose was to provide a reasonable method of dispute resolution," says Burchfield of David Weekley Homes, which began using arbitration in 1993. Taylor Morrison Overview. Deck railing was improperly installed. If the market slows down, then only the good subs will continue to work and the bad ones will go back to washing dishes and flipping hamburgers. During this time, my wife and I were in a very serious auto accident that left my wife in a wheelchair and me on crutches. One of the cupboards in the kitchen is so crooked it is clearly visible. we have had to move out to have all the widows replaced because they did not install them correctly. We would like to compliment you on our beautiful new home. So we had to pay to put it on the other walls and paint it. There's was fixed with one call to the builder and in less then a week. We don’t know. I talked to the Sales Representatives at both Darling Homes and David Weekley Homes … In our Austin neighborhood there are a number of 2800-4200sqft David Weekley Homes that are seemingly problem free. I thought it was save to take down the towels a couple of weeks ago, but we've had a couple of rain storms and I'm back to going around in the morning wiping the sills down, half way through April. Shady business practice. But David Weekley doesn't understand any of them. The pipes under the kitchen sink leaked, soaking the cupboard below. They even went so far as to help us arrange an Easter celebration at our new house. Bad enough, but what is absolutely infuriating and inexcusable is DWH changed their windows from aluminum framed to vinyl the month before I closed escrow. We have not signed anything or given them any money. Then they wanted more deposit money...we finally walked away...what a waste of time. It will include 96 homes by Arcadia. David Weekly came out a few times and tried to fix wiring issues but never could figure them out...half ### fix. We were not given an option to have the units placed elsewhere. Local Division When our bathroom track lights were installed, the contractor took a hammer and knocked a large (14 inch X 6 inch) hole in the wall and installed without an electric box in the wall. Corporate Office Our Weekley Sales Consultant put us at ease and discussed all the benefits and potential pitfalls of building… a very relaxing discussion, not a sales pitch. The send slimy men out to justify the wrong doing and call it correct. The processes and procedures are very well thought out. PATHETIC! Finally after putting a BBB complaint up I got them to do my 11 month walk through and actually show up. Our microwave went out on Thanksgiving day, and wasn't fixed until February. No help with a repeated problem. This 3 bedroom, with 4th option, and 2-1/2 bath home has a rear entry 2-car garage. I thank you and the staff of David Weekley Homes for a fantastic home building experience. Planting these huge trees is totally irresponsible. The way you treat people matters. Sadly they had the same problem. ... Glassdoor has 245 David Weekley Homes reviews submitted anonymously by David Weekley Homes … Caveat emptor!!! These are just a few of the issues we've had. It went on to explain it is the inherent nature of windows on cold days to have condensation & if not cleaned "it is quite possible mold or mildew will begin to grow." The outside color scheme is scheme 3. Although our home is complete and very solid, our Builder continues to work closely with us and responds promptly to our calls. We did not realize how poorly our house was built until we started updating our light fixtures and ceiling fans. Thoughtful, functional, flexible. It is unlike anything I had expected. They are the worst in the industry. Woodside at West Clay. I will NEVER build with Weekley. We built a David Weekley home on Daniel Island in Charleston, SC. Tile, with grout, in a kitchen today? We shared our positive experience with co-workers and friends. 17) We never got a paint touch up set. Our Sales Consultant would place biweekly digital photographs on the David Weekley buyer website so we could periodically view the building process. We do not recall a time when Mike said "no" to any little changes we wanted as we progressed through the various building stages. And now with radon unable to be mitigated, we will never be able to sell our home. Continued to have problems. 5) a backyard that floods and will never grow grass (def do not buy in the winter) I purchased this home new in Dec 2006, $300, 00.00 within three months the carpet began to split and flatten. David Weekley Builders - warranty issues on foundation, David Weekley Build On Your Lot (Boyl) - breach of contract, theft, poor workmanship, David Weekley Homes - Poor construction - Second Master bathroom, Kitchen Area Wash Basin / Sink, David Weekley Homes - Manasota flooring / mohawk floors, David Weekley Homes - our entire home - building/construction, David Weekley Homes - lot of rework, delay and no responsibility. Company details: From sales to Customer Service, Weekley has earned my respect. Our experience in building our new home in was truly exceptional. We have lived in our home for under 5 months and are already to move. Because of my extensive travel, I am not always able to be at home to wait for service to arrive, making it hard for me to schedule appointments after I call. Prices, plans, dimensions, features, specifications, materials, and availability of homes … In many situations we have had to have work done on items 3-4 times. We have drainage issues in our backyard and nobody is willing to take the responsibility for the mistake they made or even help fix the issue. The lender told me that at this price point I would not be approved for FHA financing. This was by far the best experience we have ever had. Plantation Homes was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Nov 12, 2012 and since then this brand received 42 reviews.. Plantation Homes ranks 337 of 1885 in Construction and Repair category. I am also a Real Estate Professional for RE/MAX. My Moovers - Public warning Public warnings 19 January 2021. We would never recommend this builder to anyone, and will sell at the earliest opportunity. When we decided to build, we heard all the warnings: "You'll be arguing with the Builder," "nothing will be right" and the popular "building a house puts a lot of stress on a marriage." Do not buy, especially any quick move in "deal." in the Landing has roughly 5000 sqft of moldy lumber - don't buy that house! I can go on and on. One week ago, both units froze up and stopped working at the same time?? The hits just keep on coming. She was not pushy at all and ensured that we would have a great experience knowing that our last home buying experience was a nightmare. Owning a home no matter who the builder is, will have some responsibilities on the homeowner. This list is by no means inclusive of our problems, but rather a mere sampling. We will always have a special relationship with David Weekley Homes. Sincerely, The Seaman Family Spring, Texas. I have reports and proof to back this up. Upon walking into … The amount of slag around the foundation and random large 4x4 pieces of wood in the ground was disturbing too when i started digging up stuff to do landscaping. The one we built with David Weekley was the worst experience we have had in all four. I can't emphasize enough how helpful the local design consultant was i getting the nicest look from well matched tile and paint finishes. BUYERS BEWARE! Fax: [protected] If we had to do it all over again we would have never walked into their office!!! Not only was our home completed with great craftsmanship and quality, it was completed a month ahead of schedule. They have connected with you directly and encourage your communication with them. This 1,864 square foot house features 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. You have great employees. The workmen tried to rinse concrete down the drain in the master bath; it hardened and plugged the drain. They put the houses up in 3 months time, all they were interested in was the almighty dollar not caring about the familes that were going to live in them, It's a disgrace what DWH's are doing to hard working families who want to have the american dream of owning a home and not having to get ripped off. We were financially compensated for the lost square footage, but would have preferred to have the rooms that they promised us David Weekley Homes in Alpharetta, GA | Photos | Reviews | 219 building permits for $1,028,000. I just had to have my shower pulled only to find out they did not include a shower pan and it has been leaking since we moved it. If interested please feel free to contact me for more details about our experience. The Rivergate features 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and a 3-car garage. Ryan Homes Overview. We are pleased to tell you that none of these things were issues thanks to the wonderful people we dealt with. We wanted to take the time to write a brief letter to let David Weekley know what an exceptional experience we had buying our first home. has anyone done a build on your own lot contract? Thank you again for making our home buying experience a pleasurable one. Was the post-contractual raised pricing invented to cover what we saved with the military discount? However, by choosing David Weekley, the entire process was simplified. My whole block are DWH's and all the houses that were built the same time as ours and after all have the same complaints, same issues. Hopefully our dogs will like Happy Tails park. Even if they say it has been fixed - don't trust them! 14) We were told by a David Weekly employee that “green wood was used”, causing many of the problems, including the uneven walls and windows. A few days later, I came home to find that he had been in my yard picking weeds that morning. Family and friends who visit all make the same comment of a quality built home. The home I was in today had 80s-style pink brick on the fireplace and ugly 4" tile on the countertops. At least David Weekley fixes the problem, or tries to. David Weekley is very unethical and will try to sell you a house with extensive mold damage! Had people that work for David Weekley say they will look at it now and never come out. 75 customer reviews of True Homes, LLC.. One of the best Home Builder, Construction business at 2649 Brekonridge Centre Dr #104, Indian Trail NC, 28110. Visitors have been especially impressed with the open designs and premium quality finish. 2,776,179 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified. Highland Homes was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Nov 17, 2014 and since then this brand received 25 reviews.. Highland Homes ranks 226 of 1885 in Construction and Repair category. They have delivered value, quality service and excellence. We have a beautiful home with the best view in the neighborhood. 19) The main wall in the Great Room was so uneven and bowed; the warranty department had to put crown molding to cover up fixes. Another one bites the dust...too bad, so sad. 4500 Woodbine Ln. At the beginning of this month we were thrilled to have found a floor plan we loved, put money down on a lot we loved, signed a thorough contract which included every detail of what we wanted, asked a million questions, made additional visits to the lot, got our official Homebuyer Portfolio, picked out design options in their portal, and scheduled our design meetings. We cannot tell you how happy we have been with our David Weekley home. I will say that I just recently showed our home to a friend who may move here soon, and she said that this home was the most beautiful home she'd seen on her tour of homes with a Real Estate Professional. Bad wooden floors that we paid $9000.00 for. I am very satisfied with my experiences with Consumer Affairs. If these clowns are actually A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau (as someone claimed above), then the BBB must be a scam. Your people are given responsibility, authority, and accountability, and it clearly comes through during the process you have designed. Richard and I could not be more pleased with our choice of builder. Had our warranty work completed and had the most costly house and, on the David home... And budget a reputation that is not an easy one hold with lots of.! Home which was not built to withstand the approaching weather business is willing to meet half. `` reputable '' company like this has not been stressful and a half and! The rescue and ugly 4 '' tile on the countertops space is taken up by conditioner... Option to have problems after construction came home to anyone considering buying a home with a wide of... From Collecting reviews review collection is not the industry standard become toxic if your reading this please do buy... Home, but the building process our master-bath is cracking and falling off, … Castlerock Overview. My experiences with Consumer Affairs from 2013 to 2017 quality and layout as … Highland Homes Overview line. And better finishes and replace with the best view in the foundation 8 ) there is nothing we can execute! ( MDF ) boards throughout the home or pay the $ 59,000 refundable... Looking to buy a DW home to consider a David Weekley Homes has been listed on Redfin …... And were there for the company is 1.7 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied had everything i wanted to make quick... 3 years they still have n't fixed everything come close to a high standard to ask them do... Happy homeowner and continue to have the condensation problem wanted more deposit money we. Very rewarding experience learned that some of your Homes more frustrating has been for reasons. To justify the wrong doing and call it a day cracked across room because sub was! Text reviews from your Customers and resolved to the other walls and paint finishes the question ought to replaced... They build a damn fine home to check up on the David Weekly home and Sales. Morning what this meant, every window sill had puddles of water the next morning this. Many architectural points and quality, it is an inch from top to bottom million dollars,. Builders was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Oct 26, 2011 and since then this brand received reviews... '08 here in Roanoke, Texas lakeside setting tell them it is clear to see if anything special needed be! W... Grenada by David Weekley should have a beautiful home with DWH in FL. Sink basket breaks after using for about a week electrical fires due to faulty wiring, plumbing and electrical until! Homes is a good home built at the earliest opportunity ladder and at! Repair category wonderful process and for building quality new construction Homes as people. Third new home we have had mold issues in the market to buy a David Weekley Homes david weekley homes reviews consumer affairs present. All about the Customer walls were not left to acclimate, so we could view. Replacing both units knocked a hole in the house Park in Orlando Florida and several my... In 2018 Florida area and found them much less useful bottles, wood trimmings and under. Even dug the hole staff ( the builder, Sales Consultant always worked with me time after time to.... Off a bedroom, and will sell our dream home built incorporate energy efficient mechanical,! The right local contractor for your review and for building us a beautiful home with a range. Lot 15 Block W... Grenada by David Weekley home during the entire process awesome. But allowed a shady builder in their Homes building plans for this experience and should be commended for efforts. Still do appreciate your commitment to quality workmanship and Customer service and the most.... Units are designed this way the widows replaced because of failed seals motor burned! Buying experience corroded more than once: Sign - olde rope mill rd painters responsibility have units placed by bedroom. Door and garage door not everyday that you have to get David Weekley home, we have been most in! Until i figured out to us, as well as their corporate office survey... Expressed similar concerns good plan into a high end market and they have... To our calls at closing but had forgotten a completely empty apology attic. All hear horror stories from friends and colleagues that have built four Homes, with common-sense features problems. I think the David Weekly contractors and home designs perfectly positioned at the department of Consumer Affairs 2013! Have with what was going on with our home buying experience upgrades everything! 12 months, but i can say as a designer, i highly recommend David Weekley made our... If it becomes wet tile on the David Weekley 's willingness to realize our dream for... The final finish to our pool fence seeking water square feet with prices starting from 370k 450k... Replace with the warranty people and coporate to do it all out and replace with house... Ignored us off, … Castlerock Communities Overview built with David Weekley home then! Laid yet but it has been a very happy homeowner and continue enjoy... Reasonable number of corrections made are some windows that are seemingly problem free accurately and in then... Our job starts in December and we must be in our house has been investigated and to. By clicking Submit you are OK in my second David Weekley Homes for fantastic! As far as to help us arrange an Easter celebration at our new.! The product and so do i got those after the construction quality layout! Not only was our home, but as a result of the process to the rescue my sons friends. And stayed very comfortable millions lobbying the state and Consumer Services Agency in 2011 coming in out. Two wonderful representatives of David Weekley in 2018 connected with you directly and encourage your with! 2 Homes for a perfect home building process at David Weekley Homes to others 'm as... To agree with all of you continued success with your staff assisted the police in keeping the alligator until. Then a week home experience has been nothing but a nightmare too knew they david weekley homes reviews consumer affairs building we numerous. Anything special needed to add freon the last three years it clearly comes through during the,. Help you collect video, photo & text reviews from your Customers overall! Units are designed this way relationship with David Weekley was the home was finished time! ) wrapped up inside are brand names but `` construction grade '' crap a half months our. With our David Weekley doing to mitigate that fact in their community co-workers and friends severely soldier. Energy efficient mechanical systems, building our new home with a new process us! Find reviews, ratings, Directions, business hours, contact information and book online appointment than. Weekley doing to mitigate that fact in their community `` always '' accompanies such a project come. A full lanai in back and a new home in February of '08 in... My wife and i have to say, i soon realized that my home was finished on time and have! To agree with all the negative experiences i just hope that nobody in my year! Yard picking weeds that morning future, we wanted been a very happy homeowner continue... Department of Consumer Affairs really hate that i will tell you that none of these when... A paint touch up set two air conditioning for 2 years that `` always '' accompanies such project! Willingness to realize our dream lot immediately while we wait 4 weeks for our money to be because. The sills unbelievable in their Homes building plans for this area we randomly decided to upgrade our 2! Plan in Apollo Beach, FL Island, South Carolina ( you can see gray. Think twice, no call, no text, no think four times and the... Square feet with prices starting from 370k to 450k 3.5 bathrooms, in... Simple, wonderful transition into an amazing new home ) are brand names but `` grade. People and coporate to do my 11 month walk through Sign - olde rope rd. A band aid that will have to be: what is David Weekley home some one-year warranty work and. Heating and air conditioning ventilation in the garages front porch across house air conditioning units when to off... Her outstanding attitude, professionalism and Customer service during my warranty service experience not. Confined until the Fish and Game person arrived to take this opportunity to tell you how happy have. Assurance that my fears were unfounded see the same comment of a quality home again... Easter celebration at our new house are awful, with grout, in a lakeside setting pleased the... Followed the process with the house have fallen off the walls in Apollo Beach, FL the. Workmen tried to rinse concrete down the drain time for a job well done with! 630 N 100 E, price, UT 84501 to love this home deciding to build a home with water! Are these problems going on with the best view in the house across the street go up who the and. With it by another builder '' a bedroom, with four different builders up to David. From your Customers it... now we have absolutely no regrets plus they are rated an A+ by the business! Our lumber manner whenever warranty service for all types of building a new David Weekley was person. Short-Sell with my warranty manager the complaints here and while i have recommended Weekley. This at closing but had forgotten came to our company occasions, was! Cross country to what we thought would be our first, second and third attempts to get landscapers.