Key: Fluent, but has the korean accent with it. See Answer. Lee Hong-gi speaks Japanese fluently. 1. Born Name. Minho cannot speak english fluently. I actually think Jonghyun knows more englishXD SHINee's said before that in their fanmail from foreign fans are written in Korean but appear to have been translated through translating tools which isn't correct grammar(? Read on for English language tips from RM, how not to speak Mandarin at a press conference, and examples of the unique language and phrases BTS group members share with their fans. Sandara can speak tagalog. Lim of Wonder Girls can speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Bang Chan // Christopher Bahng/Bang. However, he has a … CHAN - CHRIS JISUNG - PETER MINHO - RHINO SEUNGMIN - SKY HYUNJIN - SAM FELIX - FELIX CHANGBIN - LEWIS JEONGIN - BOB WOOJIN - JACOB. No, he only knows basic English. He confessed, " I only lived in America for 4years, so my English is actually lacking. Does Lee Min Ho speak English? 2012-06-22 02:15:37. )/doesn't make sense. Taemin: Spewing random "i am on crack" english. Jonghyun: Can understand it as far as we know. Minho: "Lowst beepeu ohnyion." Minho is a South Korean singer, rapper and actor best known for being a member of the popular South Korean boy group, SHINee, under SM Entertainment.He has been a part of many successful songs along with the group such as Lucifer, Hello, Dream Girl, Everybody, and Married to the Music, and many more. Top Answer. Nick Name. Renmax 5 months ago Reply. And below is the video clip. 2. He can speak well if it is scripted like he did in his previous dramas … – He can speak both English and Japanese, but is better at speaking Japanese. Asked by Wiki User. Perfect English. The word minho doesn't not exist, we use MEU and MINHA sor possession, the word MEU is used for male things like MEU CARRO (my car) and the word MINHA is used for female things, like MINHA CASA (my house). Wiki User Answered . STRAY KIDS ENGLISH NAMES. He tries to understand a little. dewinner 1 year ago Reply. – He is afraid of heights. MARTINA 1 year ago Reply. – He is the groups No.1 in fashion. He can’t swim. WHAT EVEN-— ★☆★ ⁽⁽٩ haru ۶⁾⁾ (@_honeyhjs) October 8, 2019. Choi Min-ho. However, Psy revealed that he actually had to work very hard to speak English, and that it caused him some pain. Onew: Fluent, but rarely speaks it. Lee Min Ho replied that he really can’t swim. – He will go to the CD shop asking where the SHINee CD’s are and if they are selling well. * Born in South Korea, raised in Sydney, Australia * 1/2 of Aussie Line Felix Lee // Lee Yongbok * Born and raised in Sydney, Australia. In an interview, Lee Min Ho was asked who he would rescue first if Kim Rae Won, Kim Woo Bin, or Jung Il Woo were drowning. Any how, you can check out the English names of the group below! 0 0 1. The only members of SHINee who speak english is Key and Onew. Henry Lee ang Krysta Jung. When he does, it's like he doesn't even speak korean. Minho, Flaming Charisma Minho, Frog Prince Minho – He has a love hate relationship with horror movies and horror stories.