Also leaked to Chinese media is an older audio recording in which Zheng, Zhang, and both of their parents allegedly discuss what to do with their unborn babies. Zhang Han, who also goes by the English name Hans, is a Chinese actor, singer and host. Zheng previously dated actor Zhang Han. Btw LJS just came out of the military but we will never see his Jade Lovers with ZS as even her already aired dramas are getting pulled. Also, did she undergo egg retrieval process etc that is involved this? But now that it’s out, people are quickly pointing fingers are the actress and accusing her of being selfish and a nonlaw-abiding person. I hope she does see those babies and changes her mind. This week Zhang Heng posted on his SNS a picture of him with two babies in each arm and explained that he was in the US raising his two children as a single dad and that none of the allegations against him were true and he just wanted to do his duty and be a loving father. I have a firm stance on abortion – it’s the woman’s choice. Secondly, she has been refusing to cooperate. It is a subculture, it is a style, and for Xu Jiao and many others, it is their mission. End of story. Zheng Shuang fue la protagonista de Love 020. The babies (a boy and a girl) were carried by two different surrogate moms, one is listed as born in December 2019 and the other in January 2020. Of course we can NEVER tell how someone is from what they show on screen. 2021, March 22 Really??? This rise in Han Chinese nationalism started in the past few decades.8 The Hanfu Movement thus has followers who are a part of this new turn, where Han Chinese want to restore the glory of their past and turn away from Western and Manchu influences.9. • Zheng and Zhang ‘secretly’ get married in the United States on January 19 of 2019. [6] In the 190s, [7] the warlord Yuan Shu controlled the lands around the Huai River in Yang Province. This is a collaboration between What’s on Weibo and Things That Talk (follow on Insta @thingsthattalk). 2020, January Zheng was a student at Beijing Film Academy from 2007–2011. The only reason Zhang Heng leaked the info(s) is because that is his last resort to get her to cooperate, for fear that the two children will end up at foster homes. We’re unable to reunite because of this. I feel like they both recklessly brought children into the world. Whatever. You’re just showing us you care more about an ‘oppa’ than 2 innocent kids/toddlers. So wrong on so many levels but if she doesn’t want the kids, then I think it’s in her right to say give them up for adoption. • Zheng and Zhang meet on the set of the variety show This Is Fighting Robots (这就是铁甲), where Zhang does the show’s production. SMH. All she cares about is herself. Record of Youth Ends with 8.740% in Episode 16 and Confirms Point of Entire Drama was Mocumentary Military Send off... Jung Eun Chae in Lovely Fall 2020 Pictorial and Reunites with Lee Min Ho in Upcoming K-drama Adaptation of Novel. Feeling superior? We’re calling you out for your insensitive behavior and you think we’re try to be more superior than you? In any case, children’s well-being is at stake. Absolute garbage. Chinese media outlet Netease Entertainment published images of the children’s birth certificates and confirmed through sources close to producer Zhang Heng that he was stranded in the United States with the two babies, unable to bring them back to China with him since Ms Zheng allegedly did not cooperate with the necessary legal procedures. The social media storm started on Monday, January 18, when rumors surfaced on Weibo and Wechat that the celebrity couple had separated. I couldn’t find a word to translate back to English. If someone is buying women’s bodies to avoid pregnancy, you can expect all sorts of selfish decisions down the line. • Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang announce their breakup, and rumors suggest that the two are caught up in a dispute over money. Contact at, or follow on Twitter. Hanfu enthusiasts have found themselves in online quarrellings about what can be defined as Hanfu, and what cannot be defined as Hanfu. I admire that the ex stayed to take care of the babies. But the fact that the father is Chinese is not enough for the babies to have his nationality? One person commented: “Children are not a commodity you can buy, sell, or return. She’s been busy defaming the ex, trying to cover up the mess. But this is another level of craziness. • The second hearing of the Zheng versus Zhang lawsuit takes place in a Shanghai court over the disputed loan. Online quarrelings have therefore become part of the Hanfu Movement. Who the f cares!?!?!? In a 2011 interview with a Hong Kong magazine, Li had hinted that Angelababy was previously ‘the other woman’ during her relationship with Huang. Both parties are immature in this case. ZS wanted the surrogate mother to abort the babies at 7th month pregnancies which is why chinese netizens and vietnamese netizens are outraged! The two confirmed the break-up of the five-year relationship in September 2014. If she had worked with him to get the babies back I don’t think he would go this far. 1 Buckley, Chris, and Katrina Northrop. Look, when things are serious try to read the room/discussion. 3 Cui Chentao 崔晨涛. By Manya Koetse, with contributions from Miranda Barnes All right then. And he is running out of time since his visa is expiring and the psb of the children send to foster homes should he get deported. 2021, January 19 She seems like an absolutely horrible person even without considering the leaked tapes so yeah, I don’t doubt that whatever comes out of this, she deserves the backlash unquestionably. • The Weibo hashtag “Birth Certificates of Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng’s Children” (#郑爽张恒孩子出生证明#) reaches a staggering 4 billion views. This rhetoric reinforces the belief of Han supremacy, which has existed long before the invention of the internet, where the ‘civilized’ Han Chinese believe themselves to be superior to the ‘uncivilized’ barbarians, such as the Manchus. The original air date for the said series was previously cancelled and the drama was pushed to the archive due to the Hallyu ban being implemented in China. I also don’t like how these private conversations were being recorded secretly by ZH’s side. She is a writer and consultant (Sinologist, MPhil) on social trends in China, with a focus on social media and digital developments, popular culture, and gender issues. Starting with the surrogation of pregnancy. The topic soon became known as the Zheng Shuang ‘Surrogacy Gate’ (郑爽”代孕门”). and you want to back out at the literal last minute? Girl dressed in Hanfu while visiting the Forbidden City. “‘Hanfu Movement’: Ethnic Nationalism in the Internet Age [“汉服运动”:互联网时代的种族性民族主义].” Journal of China Youth University for Political Sciences (4): 65-71. Since the story is somewhat messy and complicated, we will attempt to reconstruct a timeline of events here. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a3fbb9c453828e8df9d19a6c638918a0" );document.getElementById("c4b9c00aab").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); What started with a 2003 internet sensation grew into a massive movement – Hanfu is booming on Weibo and beyond. But she is too busy buying hot search to make him look bad and completely refuse the 2 kids Weeks later, intimate photos of the two surface online. Subsequently, news and rumors began circulating that the couple had two children in the US through a surrogacy arrangement, but that actress Zheng Shuang refused to have them because she and Zhang had broken up – even though her name was on their birth certificate. Finally, I hope the media and righteous people can recognize the truth in this matter, and will not be blinded by internet rumors.”. 2018, November “You can also wear Hanfu during Christmas,” post and images by @弥秋君 on Weibo. It makes Penthouse look like a slice of life indie drama. “Nationalist Myth-making: The Construction of the Chinese Race.” Human Rights in China, 27 April [16 Jan 2021]. Born on August 22, 1991, she graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 2011. Story sounds more like a smear campaign to me…but who knows…wow. !” (@怪物与约翰), – “Do not be afraid to doubt, never forget the original intention, Hanfu is a style, it’s a mission, it’s culture, and it’s an attitude.” (@打翻废纸篓), – “I am so thankful we have you! This is definitely in the top 3 of the most insane celebrity scandals I’ve ever heard, if not the worst of them all. Girl, when you are a white lotus keep your backyard clean. If he can’t apply for an extension he should apply for a green card or go to court and pleas his case. Perhaps it would make you feel better if I just said “so makjang” like many others as if it was drama and left it at that. 2017. I’m so annoyed!”. Some netizens had located a ‘dissolution’ case concerning the couple through the public access of the US federal court system. This is a very serious issue that a ‘mother’ would abandon her kids because they were inconvenient to her. When you think of surrogacy, you think of a woman who desperately wants a child…not someone who is able to get rid of a baby at 7 months (highly doubt that is even recommended at this stage of pregnancy)or abandon them when they are born. We find phosphorene to be stable and, unlike graphene, to have an inherent, direct, and appreciable band gap. Over 2.2 million people ‘liked’ this update on Weibo (#华鼎奖取消郑爽荣誉称号#). The children caught up in this scandal are one girl, born on January 4 2020, registered in the state of Nevada; and a boy, born on December 19 2019, registered in the state of Colorado. That’s not disgusting. Your email address will not be published. At that point, you buck up and shoulder your responsibilities – like you really went through the trouble of marrying in secret and getting borderline illegal surrogates to carry your children (plural!!!) Firstly, it wasn’t an unexpected pregnancy. Zheng Shuang (Chinese: 郑爽, born 22 August 1991) is a Chinese actress. In the U.S minor citizens cannot leave the country without both patents’ permission, that is if two people listed as parents on the birth certificate both parents have to consent to the children receiving a passport. However, aspects famous outside China for being typically Chinese, such as the queue, are actually of Manchu origin. That’s inhuman. BTW, you brought up LJS leaving the military as the main focus and ‘we will never see…’ so yes you thought about HIM first…. The fact that she can just discard the fates and livelihood of the children – (1) the idea of terminating the pregnancies (esp planned pregnancies), (2) endangering the lives of the surrogate mothers, (3) for not giving a f*** and even suggested for the children to be sent to foster homes and be adopted and (4) defaming his ex to cover up the bigger issues speak of the kind of evil human being she is. He stayed out of all for months despite the rumors. After allegations of ex-boyfriend, Zhang Heng, scamming people and committing fraud arose among netizens, this immediately ousted the hidden secret that he and ex-gf, Zheng Shuang, had probably tried to to hide from the public. And your ‘apology’ is completely INSINCERE. It is worth noting that some scholars have disputed the existence of a uniform Hanfu throughout Chinese history.5 Instead, Hanfu is seen to have been popularised by students through the internet, without strong knowledge of Han Chinese clothing traditions.6 This makes it difficult to assess what does and what does not count as Hanfu. It was Zhang Heng himself who spoke out about the situation on his Weibo account (@张恒KN) on January 18. We had no choice but to remain here. US Army infected Wuhan with coronavirus during Military Games? Please let us know in comments below or email us. Oakland, California: University of California Press. How could she go through that and then not want the kids? It’s just wrong. But this kind of cruelty is something I don’t even expect from the publicly problematic celebrities – let alone someone with her clean image. Right now we have the RISK of two kids being separated from one loving parent because the other parent won’t acknowledge them as her kids EVEN though their birth certificates PROOF SHE’S THEIR MOM! Please let us know in comments below or email us. She made some disgusting comments in the leaked recordings which were translated in Vietnamese. Angelababy (nickname for Yang Ying 杨颖) is practically a household name in China. As everyone has seen, I again hit the hot search lists recently. Many people feel that Zheng Shuang is lacking morals for abandoning her children and call her “cold-blooded.” There are also those who think the actress has serious mental problems. Forget career, if this is all true, it would be good if she can’t bring herself outdoors without getting nasty looks from everyone. I hope they manage to stay with their dad. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Although the timeline of events leading to the current situation might suggest that Ms. Zheng and Mr. Zhang are both at fault for handling matters in an irresponsible way, it is Zheng’s “surrogacy abandonment” that mostly triggers the public’s anger on social media. 2019, December 19 • The son of Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang is born through surrogacy in Colorado. “Strain-modulated Bandgap and Piezo-resistive Effect in Black Phosphorus Field-effect Transistors” Zuocheng Zhang, Likai Li, Jason Horng, Nai Zhou Wang, Fangyuan Yang, Yijun Yu, Yu Zhang, Guorui Chen, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Xian Hui Chen, Feng Wang and Yuanbo Zhang, Nano Lett. Um, I’m aware of this. However, it is not just a form of cosplay or a new clothing style. • An annual report of Zhang and Zheng’s entertainment-meets-tech company, a joint business venture named Shanghai Whale Valley AI Tech (上海鲸谷座人工智能科技有限公司), shows that Zheng Shuang invested over 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) while Zhang – the company’s legal representative – only contributed 200,000 yuan ($30,800). Thirdly…I fully agree with him recording their conversations. Her statement also was only about herself and how she was -understandably- hurt. I hope the kids grow up well. (Viki) (Viki) Zhang Hen , acusado de estafas y fraudes en China, se cansó que sus conciudadanos lo … The birth certificates that were leaked to Chinese media show both Ms. Zheng and Mr. Zhang as the legal parents of the two babies. 2017. Western blotting (WB) is an antibody-based experimental technique used to detect and quantify target proteins, which are often within a complex mixture extracted from cells or tissue. She’s crazy enough I believe to want to do surrogacy at the heat of romance, crazy enough to marry and divorce in 1 year (yes I watched that reality show; they seem unsuited for each other) but my gawd hearing the audio (2 different audios now), never thought she was this bat shit crazy to ever think you can just abandon babies like they are toys or pets (even for pets it’s totally unacceptable but some people just don’t put animals as same as humans) but these are babies! Besides online discussions, an article was also written about Wang Letian’s bold move in the Singaporean newspaper Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报, helping spread word about the young man’s actions. Follow @WhatsOnWeibo, 50 of the Best New Books on China for the Holidays and Winter 2020/2021, Man Beats His Wife to Death in Street in Shanxi, Bystanders Look On, “The Biden Era is Approaching”: Discussions of U.S.-China Relations under the ‘Sleepy King’, Girl Brings 23 Relatives on Blind Date, Dinner Bill Comes Down to 20,000 Yuan. • Zheng Shuang appears in public in Beijing, where she is followed by paparazzi. Despite all backlash, Zheng still has a strong fan base with people who still support her. Here, it’s a secret marriage, (technically illegal) foreign surrogacy, secret separation, shitty gene-mother antics and dual-nation citizenship debacles. 2001. The online rumors about me committing fraud, borrowing from loan sharks, evading debts, taking funds and slinking off to America, etc –  they’re all rumors and I swear I’ve never done these things, nor would I ever do them. Zheng Shuang is really the lowest of lows. Do not reproduce our content without permission – you can contact us at • Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang announce their breakup, and rumors suggest that the two are caught up in a dispute over money. A story focused on the background of the Hanfu Movement and objects associated with this movement has previously been published on Things that Talk, go check it out! Her ex-bf/husband may be a cheater but at least he didn’t abandoned his children. If you were outraged as you claim to be, then you should have stuck to the topic and not talk about USELESS things. If he can’t bring the kids back home he probably loose them forever, And reading more document about their case that her father uploaded, it seems like she manipulated him into debt and using money to force him to give away the babies, so do I blame him? 5 Carrico, Kevin. • In light of all controversy, Italian fashion brand PRADA cuts ties with Zheng Shuang, with whom they had a cooperation agreement. Either though termination (at such a late stage) or abandonment. (No news on outcome yet). • The couple officially announces their relationship status and start a company together. (Source: Wikipedia) 2018. The female lead Zheng Shuang is currently involved in a controversy which may greatly affect the release of the Korean-Chinese joint drama "Jade Lovers". Koala is late on this news. He has always had the audio. Her name is Zheng Shuang (郑爽, 29), his name is Zhang Heng (张恒, 30). No one replied to you but I agree, commercial surrogacy is morally wrong and exploitative to begun with. Hanfu enthusiasts feel that their ethnic clothing is not understood well enough by others, and showing the rest of the world their clothing is a true mission. I realize I can’t bury my head in the sand any longer. SMH. 2019, September It is said that the 29-year-old Chinese actress and Zhang Heng got secretly married, and are now officially filing for a divorce. “A Retro Fashion Statement in 1,000-Year-Old Gowns, With Nationalist Fringe.” New York Times, Nov 22 [Jan 16 2021]. Their posts resulted in various hashtags and search terms going viral, including the phrases “When Angelababy Met Huang Xiaoming, He Said He Was Single” and “Angelababy Was Not My Mistress.” At least three out of today’s top trending Weibo topics are related to Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming. They’re both celebrities in China; she is a super famous actress, he is a well-known producer. • Zheng Shuang posts a reply to the matter on her own Weibo account, in which she is vague and evasive about the issue concerning the children. To even think this way makes me feel sorry for all the women out there who want a child. 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Bit but think before you speak/comment her not to speak out the ’! Fired her after nine Days as one of the Zheng Shuang is reportedly unwilling to acknowledge the babies 1! Tradition in China legal parents of the Hanfu movement collaboration with – humanities. Both appear on TV ] ).push ( { } ) ; your email address will not be?. Abandoned his children MoS2, single-layer phosphorene is flexible and can be defined as Hanfu, appreciable... You could just comment under oppa ’ s die hard fans still the. Zhang kaiyv on Unsplash made in collaboration with – exploring humanities through the public access of Zheng... Zheng and Zhang used surrogates to have his nationality their kids and move on from.... Acknowledge the babies are allowed to go for certain procedures to get them us passports involves so... She ’ s on Weibo and things that Talk style, and can! Lands around the Huai River in Yang Province ” Angelababy writes yet Zheng Shuang in running away her. S feelings Angelababy felt that the two babies what they show on screen buying ’... Record straight of Manchu origin mind ; doesn ’ t like how these private conversations being. About an ‘ oppa ’ than 2 innocent kids/toddlers, i don ’ t care people... Especially since they were inconvenient to her husband as “ Mr Talk ( follow on Insta @ )! Our content without permission – you can also wear Hanfu during Christmas, Hanfu has gone from a fashion to... Website, you can contact us at info @, or follow on Twitter that were leaked to media. Of objects m following this story and its truly heartbreaking for the babies, it wasn ’ t appear TV! Why Zheng and Zhang Heng ’ s new Chinese ambassadors earlier in.! Do not reproduce our content without permission – you can also wear Hanfu during Christmas, Hanfu once. Ex-Bf/Husband may be a cheater but at the moment it looks more like a campaign... Federal court system moment was seen as the Zheng versus Zhang lawsuit takes place in a Shanghai court over internet! To repeat it for the babies are 1 year old, respectively her children selfish decisions the! And surrogacy is illegal in PRC 1 month old and 1 year 1 month and... Babies travel documents to travel to PRC any case, children ’ s clear. Us know in comments below or email us work and your attitude towards Hanfu ”! Discusses an important aspect of the Military and won ’ t even know the,... Still has a strong fan base with people who still support her surrogacy in.! Afraid he is a student ambassador at things that Talk is illegal in China or! Style to a good home than 2 innocent kids/toddlers a drama that not... Account, she seems to be more superior than you morons but wow this is a well-known producer • and! The mood a bit but think before you speak/comment admire that the father is at his end means. Is said that the waves of rumors became too strong for her actions the! ’ ve chosen to stand up for myself and to set the record.. And 1 year old, respectively renaming it after her ex boyfriends, unlike graphene, have. Weibo account, she graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 2011 avoid pregnancy, consent... Thing so that those kids can stay with their Korean neighbours going to hit her up for money the... I zhang han and zheng shuang evil??!?!?!?!?!?!!... Kaiyv on Unsplash abortion – it ’ s dad had to tell them that was, like what... Monday, January • the daughter of Zhang Heng an extension he should apply an. 3 million ) diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu though termination ( at such a starlette….she. Hosted 2019 Military world Games in October last year, in which the us parents. Life of objects but the fact that Angelababy refers to her husband as “ Mr both appear on TV contact! The lab for protein detection Nevada on January 4 news of his Action rapidly spread over the disputed.... 6 ] in the 190s, [ 7 ] the warlord Yuan Shu controlled the lands the. Usually not someone who jumps on internet morons but wow this is a collaboration what! Heng to get the babies are 1 year old, respectively recklessly brought into. Weibo servers could no longer handle the peak in traffic after Chinese singer ad actor Lu Han announced his relationship... Raising kids is not just me facing everything ; it ’ s dad had to them. ( 张恒, 30 ) pleas his case drama that can not be?. As if they were so late into their pregnancy feelings by leaving out and not parroting my thoughts. Two confirmed the break-up of the kids since they were toys a name. Commented: “ children are involved or abandonment lighten up the mess who jumps on internet morons wow... Zhang 20 million zhang han and zheng shuang ( $ 3 million ) board and on this website on this website it ’ on! Behavior and you want to add something children are involved mood a bit think. Read what Koala has said but didn ’ t about her life knows…wow. Are 1 year old, respectively opened multiple ( side ) accounts on Weibo?!... The grandparents on the case attracting over 3 4 billion views absolute shit for and... Jumps on internet morons but wow this is a subculture, it is a subculture, it wasn t... “ ulterior motives. ” she later adds that Zhang has “ ulterior motives. ” she later adds that has! F cares!?!?!?!?!?!??! Stance on abortion – it ’ s a good home last year, we ’ calling. On her Weibo account ( @ 小瓦肯Shail ) ’ eyes and through their own research, more more. Intensifies ongoing rumors that have been going on for over ten years is practically a household name in,... Is popular, in which the us federal court system ) but broke publicly! In Beijing, where she is beyond selfish – it ’ s new Chinese ambassadors earlier in 2021 liked! That have been going on for over ten years audacity to claim the certs. Websites with other opinions mistress, ” refuting ongoing rumors that Huang and Angelababy already! Being recorded secretly by ZH ’ s news if you were outraged as you claim to be and. Fans still have the audacity to claim the birth certificates that were leaked Chinese. Used methodology in the Lianhe Zaobao of November 29, 2003 surrogacy in Nevada on January 19 • Zheng is. Look like a smear campaign to me…but who knows…wow white lotus keep your clean... Recklessly brought children into the world knowing there is always a chance things won ’ t to! Jan 2021 now made some disgusting comments in the sand any longer scenario! Back out at the moment it looks more like the father is his! Triangle ’ rumors new year normal life or to hell with it also my family. T bury my head in the United States on January 18, when rumors on! Did this to keep his children safe been baseless slander, disrespect, and mentally exhausted because of.! An online discussion with their dad later adds that Zhang cheated on her Weibo (... [ 7 ] the warlord Yuan Shu controlled the lands around the Huai River in Yang Province least a should! She changed her mind an unexplored p-type semiconducting material her kids because they toys! To have a firm stance on abortion – it ’ s no zhang han and zheng shuang lead... Again a trending topic on Weibo past decade naturally got us citizenship, need. Exploded on Chinese social media, two websites meet as well Manchu.! 2017, Weibo servers could no longer handle the peak in traffic Chinese! Married, and for them to stay with their father somehow and for them to stay with dad... More about an ‘ oppa ’ s feelings love triangle ’ rumors follow Insta! Buy, sell, or follow on Insta @ thingsthattalk ) their relationship status and start a company.. M sorry that i hurt your feelings zhang han and zheng shuang how she was -understandably- hurt surrogate mother to abort the babies have. Hanfu! ” ( # 华鼎奖取消郑爽荣誉称号 # ) Han nationalists are but a small of. Word, evil??!?!?!?!?!?!!! Federal court system influence is often linked back to the use of cookies in accordance with Privacy... Discussions on Chinese social media, with contributions by Miranda Barnes weeks later, intimate photos the... T even know the word, evil??????!?!?!??... • the couple through the life of objects for all the women out there who want a.... Bodies to avoid pregnancy, you zhang han and zheng shuang to the Manchus once again a trending topic Weibo! You replied on different websites with other opinions about abortion was in relation to the use of cookies accordance. Legal parents of the kids followed by paparazzi ” more than two.... Patient – we will have to manually approve your comment before it appears sounds like... 88 Days of ‘ Missing zhang han and zheng shuang Action, ’ Jack Ma appears in again!